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Rarely it feels so difficult to find the right words. Meaningful words, that would be heard.
What I found though is, that all my thoughts about mankind and its many (social) problems today, sum up in one basic idea for a solution: The acknowledgement that we all are one.
One race. One family. One whatever you wanna call it.

Think of any problem these days and it will turn out to be a „me versus them“ story really.
Is it building walls, banning burkas, refusing marriage equality, talking about who should have health care, tax changes or other benefits, all the way up to „the end of meat“:  There is always a certain fear that someone or more precisely another group
(by race, religion, social status) could take away or steal something from another group, and most of the times it’s not actually a precise fear based on actual threats, but on assumptions, on maybes.

The Western society has learned, that the strongest survive. Led by that idea, everyone follows the deep wish, the need to be „strong“. But that word or its idea is often misinterpreted as „powerful“ (leading to) „rich“ (leading to) „better than“.
What „strong“ actually means is: Compassionate, understanding, helping. Maybe even: Gentle.
Society needs to learn, that we all could be strong, if we all would support each other. We can lift up everyone by understanding that we basically all just want to be ok. And that there is no-one to fear, if no-one is desperate. This surely is a simple way to put it, and the core idea certainly isn’t new, but maybe, exactly in these complicated times we live in, a simple idea is all it actually takes.

What I’ve read on the topic #metoo, is much of the same again. Hollywood found its Weinstein, good that it did. Followed by models telling their stories from their scene, which brings up Terry Richardson. From an architectural newsletter I read the question „Does architecture have a Harvey Weinstein hiding in its ranks?“
…and yes, while a tiny part of me is happy that the conversation and the interest has come at least that far,
the bigger part of me is shaking its head facing this blank stupidity.

To simplify the answer to that question: YES, of course there is „architectures Weinstein“ somewhere. But what difference exactly does the question or the answer bring? Should it be about „is architecture better than the rest by not having their own Weinstein“? Should it be about „finding one more single person to condemn“ (And don’t misunderstand me here: Every single predator behaving like Weinstein, has to be condemned and put to consequences!)?
My answer is a plain and simple (again, because all of this IS plain and simple really): NO.

Another example: A friend of mine posted a video of Reese Witherspoon. A „fire speech“ of hers, talking about her production company and how it created movies and television shows with female main characters making billions of dollars, showing that there is a market for female figures, that the time has come. She was trying to step up and empower all the people in positions to make a difference, to bring women to attention.
Because „if there are only 19% women in congress, its logical that we don’t get the health care that we need“…and THERE it is. 
And my head went shaking again: Why on Earth is it, that we can’t do any good without showing how someone else is failing? Why is it, that most people try to proof they are better, instead of helping or leading others to become better themselves? Will be get better female health care by empowering women to run for office or by telling the men in office, that they are doing a shit job?

In simple words (yes, again): Shouldn’t we all come to the conclusion that we are one mankind? That the main goal is to fight all the differences by agreeing that we are all the same? Simple as that.
I have no problem with more men in congress, if the men are capable of making right decisions for everyone.
No, I don’t think any given woman is automatically a better CEO than any given man.
I believe there are better PERSONS.
And while statistics of all sorts tell us the „better“ of women in terms of social capabilities, empathy, (anti-)aggressive behaviour etc., that doesn’t mean that there are no men who are capable of the same (great) behaviour.
Shouldn’t we finally realise that we have to find a way to acknowledge these traits to be „worthy“ to eventually become a better society, to become successful, healthy and happy? Shouldn’t we try to make these values a goal for everyone to share for themselves, to better themselves?

It’s not a solution at all to just replace men with women. It is a solution however to change values to live by.
It’s about the long run. It won’t be happening tomorrow.

But what does it bring?

The Weinsteins of every company or profession will be discussed as the same. They are all morons without moral, they are all disgusting persons using their power to undermine and break other people. Powerful persons, who destroy others lives.
We don’t need Hollywood to despise Weinstein, Photography to despise Richardson and „Architecture to despise their Weinstein, if they find one“. We need society collectively despise all of these persons together. So that their values are no longer being tolerated throughout mankind.
We need to bring all the men in congress to hail for a great health care system for their mothers and sisters, for their wifes and daughters. Don’t you think they would rather do it, if we make them see and understand, instead of doing it not
„to show those bitchy feminists“ who is in power?

We should finally realise that the time is running – or better that we are running out of time in so many pressing issues.
And we need to find another way than fighting – teaching, talking and above all connecting!

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